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kosher hotel in Jaco Costa Rica

Izu's Place Hotel in Jaco

your kosher vacation in costa rica

Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica – Founded in 2001, The house of Yizhak Eskenazi ( Izu’s Place) has been the premiere Place for traveling Jews in Jaco, Costa Rica. From Shabbat & Holiday Dinners To The Kosher Restaurant, Located Within The complex, Izu’s Place Will ensure that you preserve Kashrut during your travels. Izu’s place is the only kosher complex in costa rica. In 2010 Yizhak Opened The Hahari Hakadosh synagogue, making it the first synagogue in Jaco Beach and the only one In a 100km Radius.
In 2018 we opened the Jewish Center within the complex, the center will serve the purpose of assisting any Jewish travelers with any concerns they may have, guests or otherwise.

Following the war in Israel,
we are also having a difficult year, with no Israeli tourism at all.

When you book accommodation at Izu’s Place, you support the continued activity, maintenance, and operation of the Jewish Center and the synagogue that does not rely on donations

SABRESS Kosher Restaurant Costa Rica

Under the supervision of Chabad Costa Rica

We are not Chabad, but we cooperate with Chabad with love and unity 🙏

The Rabi of the shull at Izu’s Place (the only shull in Jaco) is Chabad Rabi Lipkin Shiya, he is also the Mashgiach of Sabress.

Izu’s place offers all in one Complex – Stay, Eat Kosher, Shabbat&holiday meals, Pray, Surf School, Tour agency

Sabress - Kosher restaurant in Costa Rica
TripAdvisor to Costa Rica - Jaco Best Hotel
Sabress Restaurant - the Kosher restaurant in Costa Rica

Under the direction of Toni Ekenazi, Izu’s wife, daughter of a chef father and a cook mother, we managed to establish a kosher restaurant with high quality food that will leave you wanting more. Toni managed to bring the flavors of her childhood and the culinary home she grew up in to the plate at Saberss.

Sabress gained the Trip Adviser certification of excellence for 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Delicious kosher food in our Israeli/Morrocan style kitchen,that will remind you of home.
The food is Fresh and everything is homemade , from the daily Fresh pita bread , to the spicy Morrocan beef cigars.

In Sabress we serve Lunch and Dinner, if you stay at Izu’s place and want to get Kosher breakfast delivery to the room please contact us In advance.

Restaurant Opening Hours​

Sunday-Thursday 12-9 pm
Friday 12-4 pm
Saturday closed
Jewish festivals closed
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Casa amen

Stay in a modern-designed private villa inside the complex.
Casa Amen is A new, modern design Villa.
3 bedrooms 2.5 baths privet garden and gazebo.
Fit for a max of 8 people.
The house has a privet entrance from Izu’s place complex and also privet parking.

Kosher Catering Costa Rica

For this coming Shabbat, dinner and lunch
will be served in Chabad Jaco.

Sabress restaurant also provides kosher catering services. With a special and rich Moroccan/Mediterranean-style menu.
We also take orders for frozen meals if you need to travel with the food.
specifically for Shabbat and holiday meals. We deliver for free within the Jaco area, delivery to all counties with additional payment.
Order must be taken at least a week in advance, Please contact us on WhatsApp and place your order.

For more info please contact us.

View Kosher CATERING menu

Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica


We also offer Shabbat services

You are welcome to join our Shabbat services.

We serve Friday dinner and Saturday Lunch.

Meals are shared with other guests. 

Friday dinner 7 pm (fish and vegetarian) 15$ per person.

Saturday lunch 11:30 am (meat)  20$ per person.

Prices are for Izu’s Place hotel guests, outside guests have an extra $5 per dish

Izu’s Place is the only kosher complex in Costa Rica, where you can stay, prayer, and eat Kosher

Holidays & Events

Passover in Costa Rica Rosh Hashana in Costa Rica

During big Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashana/Sukkot/Yom Kipur/Passover)
You can join services with representatives of Chabad House and Glatt kosher meals.
We also celebrate the remaining Jewish holidays with kosher meals.

Spend Your Next Holiday Vacation With Us!

This year Passover meals will be hosted by Chabad Jaco,
only a 15-minute walk from Izu’s place.
Prayers will be at the shull by Izu’s place.

Sign up for Passover meals with Chabad Jaco

Jewish Concierge

Jewish concierge

Let us help you plan your dreamy vacation in Jaco Beach.
With all the tours and activities in the area.

All commissions will help us improve and grow the Jewish center, and BH will build a mikveh in Jaco. 
We are here to take care of all your needs while staying in Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Los Sueños Resort.

  • Villas and apartments within walking distance from Shull or in Los Sueños/ Hermosa Luxury resorts (can’t walk to Shull)
  • Jewish nanny service.
  • Kosherizing Airbnb kitchen.
  • Kosher grocery shopping delivered to your Airbnb

We are here for your dreamy Kosher Vacation in Costa Rica



Luxury Beach Front Villas in Jaco

We also run A luxury Private beachfront complex for big groups (up to 25 people)
Located at the south end of Jaco Beach surrounded by a tropical lush beach.

  • 4 suites 2 bedrooms 2 baths
  • 1 Villa 5 bedrooms 5 baths
  • Big event room with bar, pool table, and fully equipped kitchen for events.
  • Big swimming pool
  • Parking space for 5 cars.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to check availability

Join our work exchange program

Be part of the beautiful community of the Jewish center in Jaco.
For a minimum period of one month.

For 30 working hours per week (not on Shabbat)
In the reception/ restaurant / social media.

In exchange, we give 1 daily meal at Sabress, and A bed in A shared room with a privet shower and AC.
Shabbat meals are also included.

Izu’s Place Hotel is conveniently situated in the heart of Jaco, Costa Rica, offering easy access to the town’s attractions and the beautiful beach.

The most important information in this answer:

Located in the center of Jaco.
Close proximity to town attractions and the beach.
Convenient access to local amenities.

Izu’s Place Hotel provides a variety of comfortable accommodations for different preferences:

Cozy guest rooms with essential amenities.
Spacious suites with separate living areas.
Private villas with fully equipped kitchens for extended stays.
The most important information in this answer:

Cozy guest rooms are 

Yes, Izu’s Place Hotel offers dining options to satisfy various tastes:

On-site restaurant serving Israeli Mediterranean & Moroccan cuisine.
Room service for the convenience of guests.
Nearby cafes and restaurants within walking distance.
The most important information in this answer:

On-site restaurant Izu’s Place is the only kosher complex in Costa Rica cuisine.
Room service is available for guests.
Nearby dining options within walking distance.

Guests at Izu’s Place Hotel can indulge in a range of recreational activities:

Relax by the outdoor swimming pool with loungers.
Explore the vibrant town of Jaco, known for its surfing and nightlife.
Engage in water sports and adventure activities available nearby.
The most important information in this answer:

Outdoor swimming pool with loungers.
Proximity to Jaco’s surfing and nightlife scene.
Access to water sports and adventure activities.

Yes, Izu’s Place Hotel frequently offers special packages and deals for guests:

Seasonal promotions for discounted stays.
Activity packages that include tours and experiences.
Exclusive offers for extended stays and group bookings.
The most important information in this answer:

Seasonal promotions for discounted stays.
Activity packages with tours and experiences.
Exclusive offers for extended stays and group bookings.
In summary, Izu’s Place Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica, is a well-located establishment offering various accommodations, dining options, and recreational activities. Whether you’re looking to explore the town’s attractions, enjoy the beach, or relax by the pool, the hotel caters to diverse preferences. With special packages and deals, Izu’s Place Hotel provides a welcoming and convenient base for experiencing the beauty and excitement of Jaco.

Check out this video of the Beach Front Villas

Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica - Izu's Place
Where Tradition, Paradise, and Culture Converge

Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica - Izu's Place Jaco

A Holistic Retreat Beyond Compare

Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Costa Rica, Izu’s Place emerges as an extraordinary haven where the essence of a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica is elevated to new heights. Not only does it stand as the pinnacle of kosher hospitality, but it also proudly boasts the exclusive distinction of being the sole kosher restaurant in Costa Rica. Furthermore, this remarkable establishment is revered as a vibrant Jewish center in Costa Rica, making it a destination that harmoniously melds tradition, luxury, and cultural significance.

A Gastronomic Haven for Kosher Connoisseurs

Culinary Artistry Elevated to Perfection

Izu’s Place isn’t just a hotel; it’s a haven for those who cherish the concept of a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. The culinary experience here is a meticulous fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary flavors, embodying the essence of a true Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. However, what sets Izu’s Place apart is its exclusive kosher restaurant, where each dish is a masterpiece crafted with devotion and precision. From the fragrant Shabbat dinners to the elegantly curated Passover feasts, the restaurant embodies the spirit of kosher gastronomy.

Kosher Hotel - Jewish center in Costa Rica

A Cultural Haven: A Jewish Center of Costa Rica

Preserving Heritage, Fostering Unity

Izu’s Place is more than just a luxurious getaway; it’s a cultural epicenter that resonates with the Jewish heritage of Costa Rica. The establishment has embraced its role as a Jewish center in Costa Rica, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among the Jewish community. From hosting meaningful celebrations of Jewish festivals to facilitating engaging cultural exchanges, Izu’s Place serves as a hub for connection and celebration in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica.

A Meeting Point for Tradition and Modernity

The significance of Izu’s Place extends beyond its stunning scenery and lavish amenities in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. It’s a place where traditions are upheld, and modern life is embraced harmoniously. Here, guests can partake in enlightening lectures on Jewish history, engage in lively discussions about contemporary Jewish life, and find solace in the beauty of Shabbat services that resonate with authenticity and devotion.

Jewish center in Costa Rica - Izu's Place

A Journey to Cherish: Embrace Paradise with Kosher Elegance

A Tapestry Woven with Culture and Serenity

Izu’s Place is an invitation to immerse oneself in the captivating beauty of Costa Rica while honoring one’s heritage in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. The combination of the exclusive kosher restaurant and its role as a Jewish center in Costa Rica lends an air of purpose to your stay. As you explore the verdant rainforests and relax on pristine beaches, you’re also embarking on a cultural expedition that enriches your experience.

A Legacy of Memories

Beyond the luxurious accommodations and breathtaking landscapes, Izu’s Place creates a legacy of memories that intertwine with tradition and community. From the vibrant celebrations of Jewish holidays to the warm camaraderie shared during communal meals, every moment is etched into the tapestry of your journey in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica.

A Destination Beyond Dreams

Izu’s Place stands as a testament to the harmonious union of tradition, luxury, and cultural significance in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. As the exclusive kosher restaurant graces its premises and it holds its esteemed position as a Jewish center in Costa Rica, it transforms the concept of a vacation into an extraordinary odyssey in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica. It’s a place where the heart is nourished by both the flavors of kosher cuisine and the embrace of a vibrant community. This is more than just a hotel; this is a haven that beckons you to discover the essence of paradise and culture entwined in perfect harmony in a Kosher Hotel in Costa Rica.

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Restaurant Opening Hours​

Sunday-Thursday 12-9 pm
Friday 12-4 pm
Saturday closed
Jewish festivals closed
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Shabbat services

You are welcome to join our Shabbat services.

Contact Information
Do you have a room at Izu's place ?
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kids under 5 don't pay !
Payment and order confirmation
Please send a PayPal payment to Jewishhousecr@gmail.com
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Catering for Sabbat

Fill in all the fields steps and send your order. The restaurant will accept the order and contact you via WhatsApp, so please be available with your mobile phone.
Minimum order for at least 4 persons

Base Information
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Salads (choose 5)
Desert (choose 1)

Please follow your WhatsApp for order confirmation and payment request

Fill in your details, and we will get back to you via WhatsApp to confirm your order.

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