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150 Metros Este de Pops, Jaco Centro, 33345 Jacó, Costa Rica

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Izu's Place | Surf School | Playa Jaco

Many travelers have chosen to learn to surf or hone their skills at our onsite Surf School; Izu’s Surf Lessons. Izu is a surfer with 30+ years of experience; under his and his trained staff's direction and guidance you will learn ocean safety, rules & etiquette. Suitable for ages 5 to 65. Catch the addictive surfing bug while you enjoy full training catered to the surfer. Experience two hours of fun with our advanced, high-quality equipment. Want more lessons and clinics? Arrange a series of classes and receive package discount pricing. We also offer surf packages with sleeping and meals included. After a lesson or two, once you feel confident, rent one of our new surf boards and tackle the waves on your own!

Do it with the best surf school in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Sleep well, Eat delicious and learn how to surf

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Learn how to surf, Sleep well, Eat delicious kosher food, and Meet new people from around the world.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf?
Well, here is your chance to delve into the fabulous world of surfing.

Surf packages prices valid only for High season /Green season/ low Season.
And does not include 13% tax


Level one coaching begins in the forgiving whitewater. You won’t be out of your depth until you’re comfortable doing so. You’ll learn how to select and catch waves unassisted.

  • 3 surf lessons
  • 3 nights stay in the dorms or private room with AC (minimum 2 people for a private room)
  • 3 servings of Lunch and dinner
  • Tropical fruits and water after the lesson
  • Maximum of 3 students per instructor

430$ per person in dorms

500$ per person in private room with AC (minimum of 2 people)


Intermediate-level surfers can comfortably stand on the board and focus on catching unbroken waves. You’ll learn to paddle through the white water efficiently and safely, learn about binary and dynamic wave selection, work on agility and prediction drills, the angle of your takeoff, and create speed down the line.

    • 5 surf lessons
    • 5 nights in the dorms or a private room with AC (minimum 2 people for a private room)
    • 5 servings of Lunch and dinner
    • Tropical fruits and water after the lesson
    • Maximum of 3 students per instructor
    • You can keep the surfboard with you during your stay.
    • 695$ per person in dorms
    • 765$ per person in A private room (minimum of 2 for a private room) 


Advanced-level surfers can consistently catch head-high waves without assistance. Most of the coaching is done with a photo camera, allowing you to see what you are doing on the wave. We start by determining the fastest line and then work on the timing and form of speed maneuvers, both front and back.

  • 7 surf lessons
  • 7 nights staying in dorms or private room with AC (minimum 2 people for a private room)
  • Tropical fruits and water after the lesson.
  • 7 servings of Lunch and dinner
  • You can keep the surfboard with you during your stay.
  • Maximum of 3 students per instructor
  • 2 hours horseback riding tour
  • 880$ per person in dorms
  • 1020$ per person for a private room with AC (minimum of 2 people) 

Surfing Adventures in Jaco, Costa Rica

Izu’s Surf school Jaco Costa Rica, is renowned for its stunning beaches, making it a top destination for surf enthusiasts from around the world. With its consistent waves, warm waters, and welcoming atmosphere, Jaco offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable surfing experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the world of surf lessons in Jaco, with a spotlight on the highly recommended Izu Surf Lessons.

Surf school In Jaco Costa

The Surfing Paradise of Jaco

Jaco’s beaches, with their pristine beauty and reliable surf, have made this coastal town a haven for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer looking for challenging breaks, Jaco has it all.

Izu Surf Lessons: Your Gateway to Surfing Excellence

Izu Surf Lessons, often considered the most recommended surf school in Jaco, is your gateway to mastering the art of surfing. Let’s explore what sets Izu Surf Lessons apart from the rest.

Expert Instructors

At Izu Surf Lessons, you’ll find a team of expert instructors who are passionate about sharing their love for surfing. They have extensive experience and a deep understanding of Jaco’s waves, ensuring that you receive the best possible guidance during your lessons.

Tailored Learning Experience

Izu Surf Lessons prides itself on offering a tailored learning experience. Whether you’re a novice or a more advanced surfer, the instructors will customize their approach to match your skill level and goals. This personalized attention ensures that you progress at your own pace.

Comprehensive Lessons

The lessons provided by Izu Surf Lessons encompass all aspects of surfing, from paddling techniques to mastering the art of catching and riding waves. Safety is a top priority, and you’ll receive thorough instruction on how to handle yourself in the water.

Quality Equipment

Izu Surf Lessons provides top-quality surfboards and equipment for all students. Whether you’re renting equipment or participating in a lesson package, you can trust that you’ll have access to the best gear available.

Ideal Location

The school is strategically located near Jaco’s best surf breaks, allowing for easy access to prime waves suitable for learners and experienced surfers alike.

Beyond Izu Surf Lessons: Exploring Surfing in Jaco

While Izu Surf Lessons is a fantastic choice for honing your skills, Jaco offers a variety of surf schools and experiences. Here are a few more options to consider:

1. Jaco Surf School

Jaco Surf School offers group and private lessons for all levels of surfers. They emphasize safety, fun, and skill development, making it an excellent choice for families and friends looking to learn together.

2. Del Mar Surf Camp

Del Mar Surf Camp provides a comprehensive surfing experience, including lessons, accommodations, and even yoga sessions. Their immersive approach is perfect for those looking for a holistic surf retreat.

3. Surfer Factory

Surfer Factory is known for its friendly instructors and flexible lesson schedules. They cater to both beginners and advanced surfers, focusing on helping you achieve your surfing goals.

In Conclusion

Jaco, Costa Rica, is a surfing paradise, and surf lessons here can be a transformative experience. Whether you choose Izu Surf Lessons for its expert instruction, safety, and personalized approach or opt for one of the other reputable surf schools in Jaco, you’re in for an incredible journey of learning and riding the waves. So, grab your board, hit the waves, and discover the joy of surfing in this tropical haven.

surf school in jaco costa rica

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